Katseohjaukseen liittyviä ohjelmia

Fairly new computer: USB 3 port, Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system, 2.0 GHz quad core Intel i5 or i7. 8GB RAM (optimal performance).
Will work for less. For example dual core i5 2,5Ghz 8GB RAM. (My MacBookPro)

Eye Tracker:
Tobii EyeX http://www.tobii.com/xperience/
119€ plus taxes plus shipping

Software using EyeX for mouse emulating:
Project IRIS http://iris.xcessity.at

Software for gaming and communication:
Look To Learn https://thinksmartbox.com/product/look-to-learn/
– You can play a few games free for evaluation purposes

Communicator 4 http://www.tobiidynavox.com/support/communicator-4/
– Communication software (AAC). You can try it free for a while typing in some keyboard button combinations once in a while

Communicator 5 http://www.tobiidynavox.com/communicator5/
– New version of the Communicator software

Grid 3 https://thinksmartbox.com/product/grid-3/ – Communication software (AAC). You can try it free for 60 days.

Optikey https://github.com/OptiKey/OptiKey/wiki
– Free on screen keyboard you can use with the EyeX tracker. Also Cyrillic keyboard for Russia.

Aliens and Paint http://cameramouse.org/downloads.html
– Free Aliens game and an application for drawing with your eyes